23. 4. 2018.

Roads will be ready for the season

10. 04. 2018. 
Roads will be ready for the season

All construction works on the main roads will be completed by the beginning of the tourist season and will be better than ever, has been announced last night in the RTCG's "Replica" show.
Director of the Transport Directorate, Savo Paraca, said that the route from Podgorica to Budva will be completed in the coming months.
He also announced construction of four lanes from Jaz to Tivat Airport.
"We have secured 25 million Euros from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and we will do everything to start building that road," Paraca said.
Montenegrin roads after reconstruction, Paraca claims, are not lagging behind any main road in Europe. He adds that in anticipation of the tourist season, there are no serious critical points.
Speaking about the tunnel at Brajici, Professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Biljana Ivanovic, said that her project solved the stability of the slopes in that section, and thus improved the safety of the traffic.She added that current work is focused on the main Smokovac loop project. The loop, as she said, is very useful because it connects two highways and one main road. Also, she stated, we must not forget the way through the Platije canyon as an alternative to the highway via Matesevo.
Representative of the Ministry of Transportation Angelina Zivkovic said that Chinese partners from the CRBC have shown a serious interest in building the next section of the highway towards Serbia.
Zivkovic estimated that the value of the entire project will increase, because in Serbia it was also agreed to build a section of the highway from Pozega to the border with Montenegro. 

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