Real estate sales

Our Team will always be ready to respond to each of your demands as well as to assist you so that you can achieve your goals in easiest and fastest way.

Our database comprises the particulars of a large number of diverse types of real estate-starting from those most favorable ones on the Montenegrin coast-that are being on offer at different prices apiece.


At our site in just a few steps you can easily get to the properties that meet your requirements and budget available.

Each offered real estate is accompanied by the appertaining description including the basic data of an area, locality, amenities, and price. Once you decide to have an offered real estate purchased, it will be our obligation to check and to prepare complete documentation required for entering into the sales agreement before a competent Public Notary as well as to monitor the complete process of the real estate registration under the new owner`s name.

In case of any ambiguity or further pieces of information required, you may contact us at any time, and we will do our best to provide you in the shortest possible time with any detail that interests you regarding the desired real estate. 


Rental properties

Invest  Montenegro&CO offers a wide selection of buildings of different types, among which you will certainly manage to find the one for your dream vacation.

From apartments of different layouts, houses to contemporary villas, we are ready to respond to any of your demands.

We are available to arrange your vacation for you-from organizing transfers, assisting to rent a car, giving proposals to organize your entertainment and activities that will make your vacation as dynamic as possible, helping you in having your stay registered with a designated tourism organization, and alike-so that your only obligation would be to relax as well as to enjoy your free time as much as possible.


Our Team will be at your disposal 24 hours a day, while always ready to resolve any challenge you face in the best possible and in the most efficient way.


Management: Real estate management

If you either own or wish to purchase a real estate and, for certain reasons, you cannot personally take care of it during the whole year, we are here to help you with everything regarding your property so that it functions properly even when you are not available to do it by yourself.   

Moreover, if you want to establish your property renting-related private business, our Team will assist you in providing you with an appropriate solution to putting into operation your business activity-which involves a series of procedures for the purpose, starting from the application one and those for a variety of tax payments and documents obtaining through taking the business activity performance approval for you.


As in any other business, the first and paramount requirement for us is to have the client satisfied.

Years of successful work in tourism industry and a huge number of pleased guests from all over the world classify us as the best choice of the company for renting your property.

The team that has all the necessary knowledge and skills that are reflected both in understanding and speaking two currently leading languages at our market and in the ability to respond to all the needs of our clients, will make your property distinctive and desirable destination for guests coming from different countries of the world.

Besides the foregoing services, if you request so,  we are here to arrange regular visits to and inspections of your properties, to receive your bills and make payments thereon, to monitor and inform you of all possible changes either in your properties or within the market as well as to be a partner with whom you will be entirely satisfied and who will in the first place provide the feeling of safety and trust.


You have a vision or desire to build a dream home or invest in a marketplace - we are here to make your dream come true.

Top experts with years-long experience in construction will help you plan, design, get the necessary permissions and eventually have your perfect home constructed.

You wish to have a simple design and minimum investments? We are here to have your money saved and cost-effectively used, while the best quality kept.

You wish to have an elite real estate with all the amenities to give you enjoyment and relaxation? We are ready to respond to all your demands and to fully implement your ideas. 


For years so far, our company has been engaged in renovation and reconstruction of existing building structures, whether they are the old ones requiring the entire construction process or the ones that need improvements or upgrading.


What we want our clients to know is that at any time and without producing any obligation whatsoever for them, they can ask any question and request any advice concerning wise investment of money. We provide such consultations free of charge.

In addition to earning, which is certainly the goal of every entrepreneur and company engaged in a specific business, our goal is primarily the satisfaction of each of our potential clients.